Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Trendy Tuesday: Moving Edition

So for this Trendy Tuesday, I decided to change it up a bit. Since I moved all weekend ("and man was it a blast!" said no one ever) I thought I'd add a little spice to the trendiness.

Now don't you fret - I still took a couple snaps of some outfits. (PS - sorry in advance, the selfie mirror kind of got downgraded during the move...)

I checked out a concert last night with some friends from work so this morning I wasn't too enthusiastic about waking up an hour early to shower. So I threw on this number with a Brady Band and a sock bun. Bam!

Blazer - New York and Company
Lace t-shirt and distressed skinny jeans - Old Navy
Cowboy boots - MIA
Oh yeah, about my new house. It's 14 miles from my office. Sweet, right? Well, not really. You see - in Houston a 14 mile drive equals an hour commute in morning rush hour! Thank God for entertaining talk radio...

Lace t-shirt (okay I'm starting to notice a pattern this week...) - Iris Basic
Necklace - Forever 21
Red polka dot skinnies - Old Navy
And also, I finally bit the bullet last week and took 7 pairs of pants to the tailor to be hemmed for my short legs. Now that I'm a member of the professional world, I can no longer rock my ghetto "rolled pants" look. 

So basically my entire weekend revolved around organizing my stuff, packing my stuff into my little CR-V and moving it, and assembling various pieces of furniture from Target and Ikea.
Cubicle shelf - Target - Took an hour and a half to assemble by myself.
Bumpy rug - Tuesday Morning
Selfie mirror - Wal-Mart
Left to right:
Tiny nightstand from IKEA that ended up being a side table to my desk -
Took 20 minutes to assemble by myself
Desk from IKEA -
Took one hour to assemble by myself (and I kind of put one part on backwards, but #YOLO)
Chair from IKEA -
Took one hour to assemble with three people. I'm not even shitting you about this one.
Bedframe from IKEA (but given to me by one of my co-workers) -
Took 30 minutes to figure it out and 30 minutes to assemble by 2 people.
Wall art (Calendar, mirror, cork board) - Target
And, ladies and gentlemen, my favorite part....

My new roommate's boyfriend sells mattresses for a living so I got a pretty sweet deal on this one.
Quilt and pillows - Garden Ridge
Throw blanket - Oldie but goodie from my rig life

Speaking of my awesome bed, I think I'm going to jump in it and watch some Desperate Housewives! Goodnight everyone! What's your favorite thing about your room/house?

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