Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trendy Tuesday / Day One of the Plan (Stan?)

Today marked my first day on "the plan". (I feel cheesy calling it the Metabolism Diet or whatever it really is...) And it was kind of tough after someone in the office brought in a bag of Italian pastries but I held out and stuck to the rules all day long.

Lunch packed and ready to go!
I'm still not happy about the whole "no coffee" thing, for the record. At 3:00 today, I felt like the walking dead. But hopefully over the next few days, my energy will start naturally catching up.

And in other news, Happy Trendy Tuesday! 

I decided to take the leap and purchase some items from a really cute boutique called Kiki La'Rue (#KLR) that I've been following on Instagram since last year. And out of the four items I bought, I adore three of them (and I'm totally sending the other one back... call it a loss but three out of four ain't bad!)

There is no such thing as fall in Houston. We are almost in November and it's a nice sunny 85 to 90 degrees at all times (although the nights are getting down to a chilly 65). 

Wellllllll guess what? This rust colored Lenore scarf (along with the industrial AC unit in our office) helps me fake like I live in a place that has four seasons.

Scarf - Kiki La'Rue
White Piko top - Kiki La'Rue
Skinny jeans - Old Navy
Birdcage Booties - Charlotte Russe

Annnnd Biggest Loser is on so we'll talk soon! Happy Tuesday!

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