Friday, October 25, 2013

Casual Friday: In it to Win it

I wore my shark shirt to work today. That can only mean one thing: it's casual Friiiidayyy!

I have decided that I'm in it to win it with this new plan I've been talking about. And to lock myself into decision, I ventured out to the grocery store tonight with my meticulously planned list. Annnnd after some deep searching for random ass products I've never heard of (safflower mayonnaise, anyone?), I came back with this huge bounty.

I was feeling really optimistic pre-grocery store and decided that tonight was going to be my food prep night instead of Sunday. But then I got home, unpacked groceries, cleaned out the fridge from last week, and sat on the couch. And yeah, we're sticking with Sunday over here.

In the meantime before the plan kicks off on Tuesday, I've decided to let myself do whatever the freak I want. No food restrictions, no drink restrictions, this is my last free weekend for a month and I'm livin' the vida loca! (Oh yes I did just go there...)

Happy Friday! Enjoy yourself!

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