Friday, March 29, 2013

see Sam run Saturdays: Boob Talk

I’m talking about boobs today.  

Breasts, boobies, titties, jugs, hooters, bazooms, melons, breasticles or whatever you may prefer to call those bad boys that sit above your waist and below your chin.

But not all breasts are created equal. 

I find that the way women feel about their boobs is often similar to how we feel about our hair. If we have straight hair, we’d kill for some waves. If we have curly hair, we’d die for stick straight hair. If we have small breasts, we’d love to have larger ones, and if we’re well-endowed we wouldn’t mind smaller ones.

 I want to take the stigma away of complaining about a large chest for a minute. 

I’m a busty chick and yes, sometimes I complain.

Exhibit A:
HealthyLittleMe and I agreeing to disagree.

 Running when your cups runneth over is not fun, especially if you don’t have the right sports bra. I have Nike, Athleta, Victora’s Secret, Champion (and a few more I can’t recall the names of) sports bras in my underwear drawer right now.  I can’t wear a single one of them alone, they’re simply not enough, I always wear a second one or often a really tight and super supportive underwire underneath. 

But hopefully, my double duty efforts will soon be a thing of tomorrow. HealthyLittleMe has decided to help her busty bosom buddy out and pick me up a specifically designed sports bra from Moving Comfort for ladies who pack a little extra in the front (apparently you can get some good deals out in Wyoming) check em out here!

Once upon a time I used my bra size as an excuse NOT to run. I’ve been a 32-34D since I was in the 7th grade, it was rough, it was not pleasant, it was not fun at that age.  I got a lot of attention from boys, never the good kind. I had to order a special size cheerleading uniform top in the 8th grade (it was a vest style top that buttoned all the way up and yes, I looked very much like an adult actress playing a part in that thing.) I recall undressing for gym in the locker room once and one of the younger girls started a rumor that I had implants… at 14. Girls can be cruel.  But I grew to appreciate them in time and we’re friends now. Until I start running and then I talk smack behind their backs. Shh, don’t tell them, I’m afraid of what they’ll do to me when I get older. 

In addition to running (I’ve completed around 17 miles this week – uhh hello, woot woot!) I’ve also been doing lots of push-ups and some chest work with a 5lb kettle bell (lots and lots of lateral presses, high repetition) to help tone things up and build up those muscles so that even if they do hate me later in life they’ll have nowhere to go! 

So, I wanted to get some feedback, ladies. How do you deal with your chest while working out? Are you targeting pectoral muscles? What sports bras work well for you? How does having children complicate this issue? Enquiring minds want to know!

My hope with all this boob talk is to let you know that even us busty babes can run, if you’re using it as an excuse, stop it. Right now.
 Go get measured and fitted (some places like Victoria’s Secret do it for free!) Get a quality sports bra THAT FITS

85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra every day. Are you hooking on the last hook? Do your straps cut into your shoulders? Are you a victim of side-boob? Are you spilling over the top? If you answered yes to any of these, you’re probably wearing the wrong size! Protect the girls, go get fitted and if you’ve lost or gained weight, go get fitted AGAIN! And then get moving!

Have a boobylicious Saturday, readers.

 -see Sam run

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Poop talk.

Oh hey, Tuesday.

So today started my first day "off" from work. And, to be honest, I've been bummed out all day thinking about how much I'd rather be running/kissing my boyfriend/snuggling with my dog in North Carolina right now. But I need to let it go and embrace the fact that I have seven whole days to do WHATEVER I want... Even if it is in a tiny town in Wyoming.

Tomorrow I'm planning to head to Cheyenne to run a few errands. And I did some research online and found some botanical gardens that are open to the public so I'm planning on getting a nice late-morning/early-afternoon run in and checking out the scenery. Stay tuned - I'll try to snap some pictures along the way.

And that brings me to today's run. It wasn't my favorite. It wasn't my least favorite. 

It just... happened.

The good news:
I cranked out 2.77 miles in 50ish degree weather. My running playlist was really doing it for me and my new Brooks were kicking ass. Even though I had to run against the wind for about .5 miles, I still had a good time for a Wyoming run (my runs are always slower out here - I blame it on the inclines, elevation, and wind.. but it could totally be a mental thing). And the best part - I passed an older man on the trail who was moseying around with a walking stick in his hand.. I had my headphones in and my music was BLASTING so I said a quick "hello" but didn't really stop to make conversation. But the second time I passed him, we were going in opposite directions so I could see his face and he mouthed something to me. I took one of my headphones out and asked, "What?" and he responded, "You sure are FAST!" Hell yeah. That old man made my day!

The bad news:
Do you remember the near-miss I had when I was home a while back? Yeah... it almost happened again today. 
*WARNING* Poop talk is about to commence.

It was the weirdest thing. I ate half of a "Think Thin" bar this morning and drank like MAYBE a half of a small cup of coffee before hand. And I even "took care of things" before I left for the run... At least I thought I did. But after the first 1.5 or maybe even 2.0 miles, a phenomenon occurred in my stomach that see Sam run politely refers to as "the running trots". I have another name for it, but we'll stop while we're ahead of ourselves. It started, just like it did last time, with a little crampiness. But I pushed through it. I get cramps often when I run and I'm usually able to work it out while I run. But, thankfully, as I looped back around after 2 miles and headed towards the Parks and Rec bathroom (which looks just like what I imagine bathrooms in prison do), my stomach raised its hand and asked for a time out. And I listened. I spent some major quality time in the parks/prison bathroom this afternoon, ya'll. And it wasn't the classiest thing I've ever done but OH WELL! After I was done, I thought about jumping back on the trail and getting a mile or two more in - but I had to listen to my stomach which was saying "PLEASE QUIT IT!" so I headed back to the house and ate a banana. 

Here's see Sam run trying to make me feel better about my incident.

You win some, you lose some. At least I didn't lose my stomach on the trail.

Anyway, Tuesday's not gone yet. And I'm going to spend the rest of it kicking off season five of Mad Men on Netflix with a little Cabernet Sauvignon. I guess vacation isn't so bad, after all.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday, Guns, and Plans

Have you been feeling kind of "off" this weekend? 

Just not feeling like yourself?

I think I know what the problem is.

WELL I'M BACK! And here to cure all of your "Healthy Little Me" withdrawal symptoms.
The weather here has been CRAPPY ya'll. It snowed pretty much all weekend. I tried to brave it on Friday to go to town and get to the gym - but after sliding into a snowdrift and successfully getting myself out of it, I called my bluff and headed my happy ass back to where I came from. And ever since, I've been to afraid to try again. 

I think I thought I was losing my "mojo" because I haven't been that excited about going to the gym. But the fact that I'm not getting things done at the gym like I usually do does NOT mean that I have not been kicking ass. 

I've been tracking calories - drinking a CRAP ton of water - and doing my workout DVD's which are actually making me feel better than a forty-minute session on the stairmill. 

I'm kind of glad that I let go of my fear of weight lifting. I always thought lifting would make me a stocky little meatball - but I've been hanging out with a pair of 8 lb weights lately and I've got to say... I feel strong and lean but not bulky!

Look - I'm even starting to develop a pair of guns.

I'm almost at the end of week 2 of the Last Chance Workouts. They are still kicking my ass - but I'm getting every bit of the workout done and feeling awesome when it's over. I'm kind of excited/nervous to see what week 3 brings. I know I've said this before, but that ish was a great way to spend $6.

And I've added another DVD to my regime. This one SUCKS in a good way.

This one was inspired but one of my new favorite bloggers Elle Noel. I bought this DVD a while ago and put it in my Fitness DVD binder thinking Maybe I'll get around to doing that. But to be honest, it SCARED me. For some reason, ab work terrifies me. One hour + of cardio? Bring it on! 10 mile bike ride on hill interval? Psh, done. Arm work? Leg work? I've got it. But ab work? Well that just seems... hard. But after reading Elle Noel's blog one night and hearing about how she does it 5 days a week, I got ballsy one night and thought just do it once and see how it goes. And even though it's TOUGH (and I secretly hate that bitch in the back left that does all the moves the hard way), I can feel it working. 

And what's better to add to my low cholesterol and normal BMI? 
(I know, I'm still bragging... it'll pass soon... maybe.) 
A 6 pack.

So I made a schedule so I could keep up with which Last Chance Workout I'm on each day - (because my days are definitely not the same as what they recommended... I'm notorious for "winging" it...) and added in AB DAY to one day of every week. And I've been following it... and on nights that I feel EXTRA insane, I throw it in on a non-scheduled day. Stay tuned. I'll let ya'll know how this goes.

Tomorrow is my first day of days off. But unlike every other time, I am not going back to NC. Nope, I'm staying in Wyoming. And it kind of bums me out but I really have no choice. Airfare is CRAZY expensive (thanks, Easter!) and since I don't have an extra $600 laying around... I'm just going to have to sit my happy ass here and hope for some decent running weather. This is what I have planned (in no particular order):

  • Run outside as much as possible
  • Find cool parks to complete the aforementioned runs in
  • Drive to Cheyenne to get my oil changed and pick up my new running clothes at Sierra Trading Post (THIS PLACE IS AWESOME, by the way... And they totally have a website with a bunch of CHEAP outdoor gear)
  • Hair appointment on Wednesday at 3 - this is LONG overdue. I was going to hold out until mid-April right before I head home buttttt.... roots are for trees and ENOUGH is ENOUGH
  • Keep up with my DVD workout regime
  • Watch TV
  • Video chat with my boyfriend, my best friend, and possibly my sister
  • Read raunchy humor books
  • Drink white wine
  • Cook delicious food
  • Paint my nails
  • Tweeze my eyebrows
So, as you can see... This week is PACKED for me. But I'm still planning to make plenty of TIME for Healthy Little Me.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

see Sam run Saturdays: "You'll get there" and the 5 miler

It seems like a harmless phrase, "you'll get there," doesn't it?
To  most people it probably isn't a big deal. 
When you tell people about your fitness goals it seems to crop up more often than not.

You'll get there.

I don't like this phrase. It implies that you're not good enough now. I was talking with a friend about my meals and fitness routines etc., and then there was a pause and it came out: "well... you'll get there."

What? I'll get where, exactly? Reach my goals? Yes, I know this. I'll become happy with my body? I've accepted it the way it is, I'm simply improving it. I don't like "you'll get there" instead say to me "you're doing awesome!" or "way to go!"
Say something positive and don't assume I have self doubt and feel the need to reassure me that I will, in fact, get to some magical place where everything is perfect. Because that's not what becoming fit is about. There is no destination. There is no arrival point. This is about becoming the best YOU you can be. And it doesn't have an end date or stopping point. Yes, you make goals along the way and once you reach them there are more to take its place. There is no "there" to which I will get. I'm here and I'm doing great things and I will continue to do great things. Way to go, me, you're doing awesome!

How am I doing awesome? I ran 5 miles for the first time ever!
 Now, I know if you're a runner this probably doesn't seem like a major feat, but this time last year, hell, this time three months ago, I would have laughed in your face if you'd told me I would run 5 miles for fun.

I was determined to go for 4.5miles, but I felt empowered, I felt unstopabble. At mile 4 instead of turning down the road that would take me home, I took the long way around on purpose. I find that after 1.5 miles I start to get tired and my knees start to say "ummm, when are we stopping?" but then by mile 3 I get a second wind and I feel great. I feel like drop kicking a dragon. That's right, a dragon.
I may not be the fastest runner, but I'm running! And so can you! Don't you want to drop kick dragons? I know you do...

Happy Saturday! Make the best of it!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My badass report card.

I had to head to the BIG FANCY city of Casper, Wyoming today for my annual employer sponsored health check. And ya'll - I don't think I've ever had that much fun with medical professionals.

My employer pays a yearly bonus of around $800 based on a health check given by a third party company. It's so simple. You get there, fill out a piece of paper, go through about 15 minutes of testing, and BOOM. Money. In. The. Bank.

So of course I went.

The ladies were SUPER nice and, once I told them about my 22 lb weight loss, they pepped me up the whole time. 

Great job!


You've worked hard - you earned this!

I felt like I was hanging out with my own personal fan club. It was awesome. Annnnd it kind of gave me a big head for the morning.

Anywho - I know you're DYING to hear the results so here goes:

**Disclaimer: I'm about to get ANNOYINGLY proud of myself. My head is going to get so huge that it jumps out of your computer screen and smiles at you. I don't normally brag this much about myself but TODAY is MY day.

Total cholesterol: 151 mg/dL
(Optimal: <200 mg/dL)

HDL cholesterol: 57 mg/dL
(Optimal: > or = 60 mg/dL)

TC/HDL ratio: 2.6
(Optimal: <3.5)

LDL cholesterol: N/A
(Optimal: <100 mg/dL)
PS - This is AWESOME. She told me that this is the bad cholesterol and that they gave me N/A because there wasn't enough in my body to even DETECT. Hollllllla!

Triglycerides: 45 mg/dL
(Optimal: <150 mg/dL)

Glucose (Blood Sugar): 117 mg/dL

(Optimal: <140 mg/dL non-fasting)

Blood pressure: 110/68 mm Hg(Optimal: <120/80 mm Hg)

Body Fat Percent: 19.6%

(This is technically underweight for women age 20 - 40.. My nurse told me to go eat a cheeseburger. TOTALLY didn't see that coming!)

BMI: 23.4 kg/m2 
(Optimal: 18.5 - 24.9 kg/m2)

Waist circumference: 26.5"
(Optimal: < or = 35" for females)

Height: 5' 0" 
NO SHIT - I MADE HER CHECK TWICE. I guess I can stop telling people I'm 4' 11"..

Weight: 120 lbs
For the record, the scale totally said 122 lbs - but my lady was being extra nice to me.

I honestly do not have anything beyond my weight to compare this to from last year. But when I started my journey to being Healthy Little Me, I weighed in at 142 lbs. I can only imagine what my other numbers were.

So how did I celebrate? I did what any HEALTHY girl would do... I treated myself to $50 worth of fancy-ass groceries from the Natural Grocers in town. I racked up some sweet potatoes, green tea, pad thai, frozen burritos, sparkling water, cold tea, hot tea, superfruit smoothies, protein bars, Ezekial bread, and a little tea tree oil chapstick to sweeten the deal.

I am one HAPPY Healthy Little Me today. Cheers to you, Thursday!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

OMG shoes.

I broke up with my Saucony Ride 4's today. We're still going to be friends and hang out whenever I wanna do some cardio machines or BL DVD's... but our days of running are over.

But I'm being as serious as a heart attack when I say this: I will cherish our memories.

Those shoes were my first legitimate running shoes. I got fitted for them in the real-life running store. I wasn't sure about them at first, but man they have been there for me when other shoes couldn't have. And I only paid $40ish for them.

If you are planning to run, whether a half-marathon or a 5K or anything between, please hear me LOUD when I say this:


Seriously. Your legs will fall off if you don't. 
Okay no not really. But running, especially for an extended time or distance, in the wrong shoes can really mess you up. Take my advice, I learned the hard way.

When I started running, I had this pair of Reebok Paris Racer's that I scored at Rugged Wearhouse, which is like a TJ Maxx only wayyy cheaper. 

I loved them. I wore them so much that the bottoms starting peeling off.

I had those shoes on the first time I completed my first real run.


My friend and classmate, J, had been telling me for semesters that I should go running with her. Yeah right, I thought. This girl was serious about running and me? Not so much. At that point, I could run for about 1.5 minutes straight before puking and/or fainting from exhaustion. I knew, FOR SURE, that there was no way I was going to be able to keep up with J. So I did what most friends do, I dodged the shit out of her requests.

Damn, I can't today. I've got to wash my hair.

Next Thursday? Hmmm... I would but I've got to rearrange my bookshelf.

Next month? Next month is PACKED for me. Every. Single. Second. Sorry!

Until one day when the crazy side got the best of me and I told her yes. We made plans to run around the track at our college after class later that week. Holy shit.. here we go.

She was a wonderful and patient coach. She slowed WAY down so that I could keep up with her. She told me that I didn't have to go any further than I could, but that if I could still talk to her, I was fine and should keep going. So we started on our first lap.

We CRAWLED along the track. I didn't even look like I was running - it probably more closely resembled a bouncing fast walk. We talked the whole time. About everything we could. We gossiped about our classmates. We talked about her husband. We talked about my dog. We talked about ANYTHING we could to distract me from realizing that I was actually running. When we got close to finishing the fourth lap (this was 1 mile), she asked me how I felt and told me I was so close to finishing a whole mile without stopping. 

And at that moment, I said something crazy.

Actually, I feel great! Let's keep going.

And we did. And we finished 2 motherfreaking miles. And it probably took us about 30 minutes - but I had never felt so accomplished in my entire life. 

I had runner's high. I had runner's pride. I couldn't believe what I had just done. And I couldn't wait to do it again. 

That day - the runner in me was born. (Queue the epic soundtrack music)


So the Reeboks were a total win. And since they worked so well for me, I thought everyone who had ever warned me about the importance of a good running shoe was CRAZY. Obviously, these people just wanted an excuse to dump money into an expensive yuppy shoe. I had just proven that I could run in CLEARANCE shoes from a warehouse outlet.

I later found out that this was an exception, and not a rule.

Enter the next pair of running shoes.

I honestly don't even remember what kind of shoes these were. I snagged them at Marshall's for like $20. They were pink and orange and white and looked good on my feet. Sold! I slapped those bad boys on and headed out for a run.

I think they were okay at first. I can't remember them feeling particularly awesome, but I don't remember really having problems with them until about the 3rd or 4th run. All of a sudden, I started having the worst knee and hip pains ever.

I blamed this pain on everything BUT my shoes. 
The road.
My period.
The weather.
All that ballet I took as a kid.

Did any of these excuses make sense? No. 

I was coming up on my first 5K ever with my friend E and I literally couldn't run because of all the pain. I tried taping my knee up. I tried a brace. I tried everything. But I knew that I couldn't back out of this race. So at the last minute on the night of the race, I made a radical and sporadic decision. I put those old Reebok Paris Racer's on.

I would be exaggerating if I said that these shoes made it all better. I was in pain for a majority of the race. But I really believe that because of these shoes I was able to run 2/3 of the 5K. 

After that 5K, I hung up my crappy running shoes for quite a while. I had done it! I had run a race. And I was done with that whole little "I wanna be a runner" phase I was going through. My joints recovered, those pink sneakers got donated to Goodwill, and I went back to my sedentary lifestyle. 

A few months later, I met T. T was a resident of the apartment complex that I worked at part-time while I was in college. She was always friendly so I enjoyed when she stopped by the office to chat. One day, she stopped in wearing some running attire and I asked her about it. Turns out, she was training for a half-marathon and trying to stay up with an intense running schedule. Now T was not your average runner - she wasn't stick thin; she was actually overweight (she started running in order to LOSE weight - go figure!). I was immediately inspired by her efforts. Before her, I thought that only skinny people were serious runners. I thought that if you were anywhere within an overweight range, you just didn't run. If she could keep up with this intense ass training schedule, I could at least pitch in a few miles every week. She talked me into going to the running store in town for some new kicks and we made plans to start running (short runs) every Wednesday.

This is how I met my Saucony Ride 4's.

And actually, T was the one who introduced me to the Mizuno Wave Creation 12's (WHERE do they come up with these names for running shoes?). They were hers. She bought them, wore them a few times and didn't like them. So she tried to take them back and couldn't annnd BOOM. They became mine.

So now I'm rocking two pairs of running shoes. My Mizuno's in North Carolina, and my Brooks in Wyoming. I really hope they don't find out about each other..

And speaking of the Brooks, here's our first picture together:

And speaking of running, here's a snip of Sam and I making plans for that 10K next month...

If you're still reading this, you've survived my ramble of the day. I might have wandered around and lost track of thought but here's the lesson I'm trying to spill:

Take CARE of your body. If you are planning to run, GET THE RIGHT SHOE for you. It doesn't have to be expensive... If nothing else - visit a running store, take advantage of their FREE foot assessment, figure out what kind of shoe you need, and buy that SHIT online. 

Thanks for sticking with me today. 

This is what happens when I drink too much coffee and get new running shoes.

Keep kicking ass, everyone.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spoiler Alert: I'm talking about BL Finale over here!

So I loved every single minute of last night's Biggest Loser finale. Everyone looked amazing - especially the kids! (I just love Bingo..)

But let's get real. I TOLD YA'LL Danni was going to win!
I should start gambling. 

Wait, no I shouldn't.


Photo from

WHAT a badass bitch! She has been my favorite since the beginning of the show. She has never given up the fight and has always been such an awesome team player (remember when she gave Michael and Gina the Valentine's Day visits that she won?). If you're looking for motivation, check this girl out. She is nothing but a fighter and I wish her continued success! 

When she won last night, I did the ugly-proud cry.
It was like watching my best friend win.
I'm a loser, we already know this.

And speaking of everyone else and their awesome selves... How bangin' was Lisa last night? Holy crap. That woman doesn't even look the same. If you don't follow Biggest Loser right now, you are totally lost in this post. But that sounds like a personal problem to me - you better head over to and CATCH UP!

My normal "gym-rat" self has yet to make an appearance since my mojo went missing. But I have been staying active and doing the BL DVD I told you about yesterday. I kind of like it because it's forcing me to lift weights which I NEVER do but probably should.

Seriously. But not really.
Tomorrow I'm taking my new kicks to the gym and busting out some dread mill mileage. I was hoping last week's awesome weather would stick around so I could pound some actual pavement instead of a conveyor belt, but the cold is here to stay for at least a few more days so I've got to stick to the indoors. 

see Sam run posted our insane race plans on Facebook and as it turns out, a few of our friends are doing the 5K too! It will be awesome to see everyone. I love races with people you know... it makes it more enjoyable. Plus, they can help carry Sam and I across the finish line when our jello-y legs give out on mile 3. Kidding. Not kidding. Which is it?

For some reason airfare for the next time I'm off work is CRAZY expensive. So I'm probably going to hang in Wyoming. Which means I might not go missing from Here Comes Healthy Little Me for 7 days. I know, I know. You're welcome. 

On Thursday I have to head to a different town for a work-related "health check". One of the things that I LOVE about the company that I work for is their commitment to health and wellness. They offer a yearly bonus for having healthy stats like cholestoral, BMI, blood pressure, etc. If you don't have healthy numbers at the beginning of the year, you have to prove that you've made improvements by the end of the year to qualify for the bonus. Actually, it was the wellness talk at orientation last summer that really got me thinking that I should try harder to get healthy. Nothing like feeling good and getting a check for it at the end of every year!

I'm not sure what they'll check on Thursday but I'm excited to find out where my body stands. And you should be excited, too, because you KNOW I'm going to share.

You know what? You're pretty amazing. Have an amazing Tuesday!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Runny egg whites, Contagious Insanity, Last Chance Workout.

Today's the DAY!

I am such a nerd, but I woke up and immediately thought - 
Or maybe I screamed it in my bed. Whatever.

Jeff is cool. But I am Team Danni ALL THE WAY. 

I'm excited to see the final results of everyone - but in a way I'm kind of bummed that another season is over. Now I have to wait months until I get another dose of BL. 

It's like crack, ya'll. I know this is my last dose and I'm starting to itch and panic. 


see Sam run is a crazier bitch than I thought. 
She texted me today and guess what?
She's doing the 10K with me, too. And she's still doing the 5K.
She said I have to pay for her funeral if she dies. 
Psh! - Overdramatic, much?
Plus, she can't die. I need Saturday blog posts. 

I swear I didn't make her do this. 
I just forcefully suggested it.
I'm pretty damn influential.

But she'll thank me later for it.

This time last year, I was conning her into her first 5K. And look at us now, baby!

Mission Run 15K in 48 hours: Accepted.

I ate egg whites today. Not the kind you shimmy out of a real egg - I ate that crap that comes in a carton. And it looked WEIRD coming out. It looked like milky water.

And I wasn't really digging it when it was cooked. 

Tried it. Hated it. Whatever. I'll buy real eggs the next time I go to town. 

I've been really getting work done with this Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout. 
I kind of love it. 
But if you ask me while I'm in the middle of it, I hate that shit.

Here's a little review comin' atcha:

The DVD has a built in schedule, which is cool and unlike most BL DVDs. 

It's a six-week program. You do it 6 days per week.

You do the first set of workouts for two weeks, then the next set for two weeks, and then the final set the final two weeks.

The first set is 35 minutes each.
The second is 45 minutes each.
The third is 55 minutes each.

And as far as I can tell, it's all Jillian. And she's in your face, but God I love it.

You need hand weights and a mat to do it. 

You switch every other day between doing a "Last Chance Workout" (which is some weight lifting and a lot of cardio) and an upper-body/lower-body workout (which is ALL weights). 

I have two sets of hand weights - one is a 3 lb set and the other is an 8 lb set. And with the exception of some of the tricep stuff, I've been throwing around those 8 pounders like a badass.

I got it on Amazon for like $6. And it has been money well spent.

So yeah. I'm a happy camper.

And now, everyone, it's time to go out and KICK the rest of Monday's ASS.

Please remember this always...

We can do ANYTHING we want to do.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I am cray.

I feel like my mojo is coming back. But before I begin, let me burst out some honesty.

They were small(ish).
They were funfetti.
They were delicious.
And I don't regret them.

But, Jesus Christ, don't let me have any more. 

Okay, now back to our regular scheduled programming.

I got my running shoes yesterday, too. They are pretty. And while I'm excited to meet them, I'm not totally sure that I'm in love with them. Getting a new pair of running shoes for me is like meeting a guy that has boyfriend potential. You think he's cute. You think he's nice. And you guys look good together. But you're not positive that you want to spend forever, or hell, even a few months together. That's where I'm at right now with these Brooks. 

The biggest thing that scares me is that they're a little snug. They're a wide. But they still feel kind of tight. If you have normal skinny feet, thank someone. Having wide feet is annoying when you want to buy running shoes. And make them small wide feet and all of a sudden - boom! You have to order everything online.

But the good news is this: I ordered them from Zappos. Annnd that means that I get free shipping on returns and a 365 money-back return policy.

So my plan is to take these puppies to the gym a few times next week and treadmill run in them (so I don't put wear on them) and see what I think. 

Annd speaking of running. I made a crazy decision yesterday.

I signed up for two races in NC for next time I go home.

One is a 10K, one is a 5K. And they are literally a day apart. I am batshit insane, folks.

As soon (and I mean AS SOON!) as I clicked "Reserve" for the second race, I started panicking. What the FREAK are you doing? That's a lot of running for two days.

But I can do it. I know I can. A half-marathon is a longer distance than both of those distances COMBINED in one event. I can knock out 9ish miles in 48 hours.

And the 10K is a lighthouse run in Oak Island, NC... And I'll banking on the fact that that race t-shirt is going to be AWESOME. And, let's face it. If it weren't for the race day t-shirts, I'd probably never run legit races. I'd save my 30 bucks and run my happy ass around a park for free. Again, it's an issue of proof. I like wearing my miles on my chest, for real.

And see Sam run is doing the 5K with me. And we haven't run a race since last summer. Annnd it's the "Race for the Planet" which I ran last year. And this one also entails a baller-status organic cotton t-shirt. Winning!

I will do this. 

I will do this. 

I will do this, damnit!

Oh and PS - that turkey chili/soup/crap that I made Thursday turned out DELISH. I'm eating a bowl right now.

see Sam run Saturday - Repeat After Me, "Trust the Process"

I have a confession. I am vain… and also a bit of a hypocrite. 

Last post I talked about taking your eyes off the scale and focusing on what your body can do in “The Scale of Achievement.” That’s easier said than done, I know. Especially if your main goal is weight loss. 

For spring break I went to Bald Head Island with a group of good friends (none of whom would ever judge me or the way I look) and I could not help but to compare myself to the other girls. All thin, all beautiful. I pushed it out of my mind for the majority of the trip. My diet wasn't terrible, I drank way too much, and I wasn't completely inactive (three hikes and a couple rounds of baseball!) 

However, after the vacation and when everyone had uploaded their pictures to various social media sites, I lost it

I looked HORRIBLE. 
I sobbed. 
I was angry and I was hurt. 

“What is wrong with me?!” I blubbered to my husband. I felt cheated. I felt wronged. Here I've been working my ass off (literally, so I thought) and for what? I've been counting calories, working out every day with Insanity, making smart choices, etc. Not a single pound lost in the better half of a month and, if it were possible, I felt like I looked heavier than I ever had! WHAT GIVES?! I think I know what it must feel like for those people who swear they’re trapped in the wrong body. The person on the inside isn't the one reflected on the outside. After a good cry I reevaluated my routine. “What am I doing wrong?” I looked back at my food journal and determined that that’s where my problem must lie. I’d been eating roughly 1200-1400 calories per day and burning about 400-500 with Insanity. I researched caloric intake and read a ton of articles and almost all had the same theme: “Do not under eat and over exercise!” What? Isn't that what takes off weight, eating less and exercising more? Are these experts suggesting I eat… more?! I was pissed off and thought “what the hell!” Obviously what I’m doing isn't working, might as well try up-ing the calories to 2000, which is actually what the Insanity program suggests I consume. I just figured I could get better results if I ate less. On top of all this, Healthy Little Me had been KILLING it on her running game (which I’m super proud of, by the way!) 

This induced a flash back.

 [Enter wavy lines and dreamy music]

There I am, 4th grade, in gymnastics, probably listening to Rump Shaker by Wreckx-N-Effect. I had just started cheerleading and we were encouraged to start gymnastics, so my mom let me go. Everyone was on the same level – beginners. I went for a few months. I worked my way up to a running round off back handspring and was being taught a back tuck. I was actually ahead of my peers. I grew bored with it. I had somehow proven something to myself and that was enough. I quit. Flash forward to freshman year of high school. I couldn't try out for cheerleading because a back tuck was required. I didn't have it. I had quit too early. My friends all made it, they had back tucks no problem! They were amazing. These girls I had begun my cheerleading experience with, the girls I was leaps and bounds ahead of a few years back were so far ahead of me now that I couldn't even join them in the sport I so loved. And that’s how I discovered drill team, haha!

The point is I've had this “quit while I’m ahead” mentality since I was little. And now my good friend, who’d persuaded me into running, is passing me by because I quit after I’d proven to myself that I could do it. Don’t misunderstand me, this is in no way a competition, nor am I jealous. I’m inspired, motivated, by her commitment. 

I too can achieve my goals if I JUST STICK WITH IT. 

If you take nothing else away from this post, let it be this:

Stay the course. Stick it out. Trust the process! 

Normally that mental breakdown over the way I look in photos would have taken me out, that’s the point I would have usually given up, throw in the towel in discouragement and anger. Not this time. I want this for me. I want it so badly I won’t let myself throw in the towel. The time will pass anyway I might as well make it work in MY favor. You can do this. We ALL can do this. All it requires is time and effort. The sun will rise tomorrow and the days will proceed whether or not you’re committed to your goals or not. Take advantage. Just trust the process. Stick with it. When (not if) you fall down, put it behind you and kick it’s ass.

PS – I am down 3.5 lbs this week. I increased my caloric intake and I’ve been running 3+ miles consistently a few days a week in addition to the Insanity work outs. 

I will not be stopped.

-see Sam run